Next up: The Magic Pearl & Funny Stuff

Monday, October 14 (Indigenous People’s Day) | 5:30pm

The Magic Pearl: a shadow theater fable for all ages, set to new music
This is a work-in-progress showing—your feedback welcome! All ages, free of charge. More info.

Originally premiered at Lincoln Center Education in NYC, Magic Pearl is a shadow puppet play with original music that tells a story about collaboration, friendship, and transformation based on a Chinese folktale. We will be showing a brief excerpt of this work-in-progress for feedback from artists, young audiences, and the larger Boston community.

Created by Bo Lee and Maggie Gayford
Music by Christopher Vu
Directed by Veronica Barron

Monday, November 11 (Veterans Day) | 3-6pm

Funny Stuff! A workshop on object puppetry + clowning
Puppet Showplace Theater in Brookline Village
$35-45 | More info

I’ll be teaching a creative comedy workout uniting the wonderful worlds of clowning, action theater, and object puppetry. Through a sequence of fun improvisation and scene composition exercises, we will explore the expressive possibilities of our own bodies and the everyday objects we encounter. We’ll learn how to be present, curious, and aware of the world around us, cultivating the physical precision and technical performance skills needed to unlock the humorous potential of the inanimate realm.

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