Nov 5-22, 2015: Who Would Be King

presented by Liars and Believers at OBERON in Harvard Square
November 5-22

* Oberon is a wheelchair accessible venue.
* All performances feature super-title captions
** Audio description will be available at the November 13 performance.

So there’s this show, Who Would Be King, which I have been helping develop and devise over the last year.

It starts off with clown noses, cartoonish bad guys, and pool noodle swords,

and ends more in the territory of Lear or Godot, with tragic kings, epic sword battles, and unanswerable questions.

You’ll also get to see me as a clown bad guy (specifically, The Evil Balash),
WWBK Balash

and as swordfighting warrior kid with a braided fauxhawk.

Big shoutout to Kendra Bell for our badass costumes.

Jason Slavick is the director, and it’s his concept, and the show has been collaboratively developed and devised by the performance ensemble, which consists of:

  • Becca Lehrhoff (of Interference)
  • Jesse Garlick (of Talk To Strangers)
  • Glen Moore
  • Rachel Wiese
  • and me!
  • along with Jay Mobley (music director from ICARUS), who wrote & performs the music.
  • Plus: Kendra Bell did the fabulous costumes, Ted Hewlett choreographed our awesome sword battles, and Marc Ewart designed our set. Lots of awesome on this team!

I’m proud to share this work!

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