Women’s history tour: Sunday, October 23

If you get my newsletter, you might have heard that I’m giving a new women’s history tour on Sunday, October 23rd. What it’s all about:

Fact: History is not just made up of famous dead guys. As Abigail Adams famously admonished her husband John, we must “remember the ladies.”

Further fact: Not only is women’s history important, intersectional women’s history is pretty damn amazing because frankly, there were so many different kinds of women doing amazing things in early U.S. history: women of African, Indigenous, and European descent. Rich women & poor women. Queer women and straight women and mothers and non-mothers and young women and old women and recent immigrants and longtime residents and just a lot of different kinds of women rocking history and making awesome things happen despite their disenfranchisement and unequal access to positions of power in society.

So let’s talk about them! I’ve created this new walking tour & am offering it via Brookline Adult & Community Education.

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