August 2020: Teaching Puppet Shorts and Funny Stuff at Puppet Showplace Theater

August found me teaching two online courses via the Puppet Showplace Theater. Both classes to be offered again—join my TinyLetter to find out more!

Puppet Shorts

Make and perform short-form puppet theater from the comfort of your home

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and create! This class is designed for people who want to practice putting their ideas into action. Each week, we’ll explore a different style of puppetry. Then, participants will create an original short solo performance inspired by that style.

The class will learn formal critique methods that will allow us to solicit feedback and rapidly improve our work. Through this quick and intensive process, participants will hone their technical and creative skills, and will be on their way to creating work suitable for puppet slams, web series, and cabaret style performances.

Funny Stuff!

Clowning meets object puppetry

Join us for a creative comedy workout uniting the wonderful worlds of clowning and object puppetry. Through fun improvisation and scene composition exercises, we will explore the expressive possibilities of our own bodies and the everyday objects we encounter, creating micro-ideas and scenic sketches that participants can develop further for future performances if they wish.

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