Mar 15, 2013: Cannoli: a clown escapade

I recently made a new clown piece, and got the chance to test it out in front of two awesome inaugural audiences: a classroom full of adult English language learners from all over the world, and a classroom full of kids ages 5-11. This video was the result! I’m sure the piece will still change a lot, but the video is too fun not to share–at the very least, it made my grandma laugh a lot :)


Muchas gracias to Anthony Leva, Kathleen McGovern, and Rosalie Norris for sharing their respective classes with me, and to Nate Gundy for helping me workshop this piece!


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3 thoughts on “Mar 15, 2013: Cannoli: a clown escapade

  1. elizabethalex on said:

    Oh my gosh, I loved this. The whole video was delightful but my favorite part was definitely the end. I mean, those dueling spoons. Also, favorite quote: “No, no this is much more important than sports!” Amazing.

  2. Teresa on said:

    This is fabulous! James and I both laughed.

    When I watched it with the girls they spent the first part asking questions like, “Is that Auntie Veronica? She doesn’t look like Auntie Veronica.” By the time you pulled out the spoons they were fully absorbed and giggling. Ingrid squealed with delighted laughter when you tipped the crumbs out of the box, then she guessed the ending and said, “It looks like both cannolis are good!”

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