Teaser video for Icarus!

I spent last weekend performing in the premiere of Icarus, a new songplay developed and presented by Liars and Believers. It was a real pleasure to perform this show, set in a 1930’s sideshow, at the lovely and appropriately old-fashioned theater at the Cambridge Y, to very warm and nearly sold-out houses—what a way to launch a show!

What’s that, you say? Why bother telling you about it when it’s already over? Well, in July, Icarus will return…we’ll be taking the show to the New York Music Theatre Festival (NYMF), as well as performing as part of Boston’s new Outside the Box Festival. So, stay tuned!

There was music (a beautiful Americana score by Nathan Leigh)!
There were puppets (designed by Faye Dupras)!
There was burlesque (coached/co-created by Karin Webb)!
There were fab performances by Aimee Rose Ranger, Corianna Moffatt, Austin Auh, and Steven Fantes-Emanuelson! (We’ll be joined by the also-fab Lauren Eicher and Jonathan Horvath for Outside the Box and NYMF, taking over for Corianna and Steve!)
There was me playing a drunk and some wolves and a circus freak or two! Here’s a preview video. Enjoy!

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