Feb 12, 2014: Interference, a new work with Liars and Believers

Interference: what a satisfying project, the latest from Liars and Believers (of last year’s Icarus!)

Photos by C.McIntosh Photo and used with permission. See more of his work here!

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I got to work with so many awesome collaborators, and I got to create a new piece for my contribution to this show, a theatrical monologue about good and evil and a giant trash can.

I also worked with John J. King to create a new matador-themed clown piece: he played Futile the Clown, an aspiring bullfighter from Guernica, Spain, and I played the bull.

The official description:

With director Steven Bogart and over a dozen performance artists, Liars & Believers takes you on a journey of courage in the face of terror. Inspired by Picasso’s monumental painting “Guernica,” see dramatic events, music, dance, animation, film, soundscape, interactive installation, and the unexpected unfold around you.

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