My friend and colleague Danny Bryck has until March 28th to meet his Kickstarter funding goal—if you’re moved by this project, as I am, you can view the trailer, learn more, and contribute here!

You can see my mug in the Kickstarter video for Danny Bryck‘s new documentary play, The River and the Sea, but that is not why I’m shamelessly plugging his project.

Shameless plug #1:
It’s important, but hard, to listen and talk about things that are complex, painful, and difficult. I think this project can help us do that.

The River and the Sea is a documentary play composed of real words spoken by real people, interviewed by Danny in Israel/Palestine in 2012 & 2013. I, for one, definitely want to hear these voices speak.

Shameless plug #2:
Danny has a great track record.

Danny’s previous documentary play also used this interview-based technique, and I found it deeply moving: rather than hearing any one person tell us what to think, we hear many voices, each with a different perspective on a complex and difficult issue.

I very much believe in Danny’s ability to pull off this ambitious project with grace and integrity, and I look forward to seeing this project come to fruition.

In summary:
This project will be awesome and important, and you can be part of making it happen!

One of the questions you’ll find on the Kickstarter page:

“When everyone tells a different story, how do we tell the truth?”

Good question. I’m so glad it’s being asked.

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