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The show’s most inspired invention is the sideshow attraction No Bones Magee, whose big number starts funny and ends twisted in more ways than one. (Veronica Barron has the cast’s best voice in this and several other roles.) It’s here, when the comedy curdles and the aesthetic choices gel, that you can see Mr. Slavick’s sardonic aims and envision “Icarus” really taking off.

-Scott Heller, New York Times


In a number of supporting roles Veronica Barron is terrific, making her variety of roles both immediate and sharply realized.

-Robert Nesti, EDGE Boston


A particular heart-wringer is Veronica Barron’s performance of a song about the loss of the company lifestyle.

-Noe Kamelamela, New England Theatre Geek


Veronica Barron…has few solos but one of her featured songs, “Less Money Also Mo’ Problems,” showcases her extraordinarily warm and deeply felt voice.

-Angela Lam, Theatre Is Easy


The sideshow crowds [are] portrayed in the deft hands of versatile ensemble player (Veronica Barron ) by a pair of wolf puppets who catcall: “Great gams.” … One marvels at the sheer simplicity and transparence of the effects. Therein lies their magic.

-Kathryn Adisman, Usher Nonsense

For Her Aching Heart:

feisty original music by Veronica Barron.

Barron’s eight pop songs (played by a terrific four-piece band) are inflected with a driving, bluesy country twang

Both Guerra and Ranger…infuse Barron’s smart love songs with emotions that are alternately angry, hopeful, sarcastic, and, yes, aching

-Jan Nargi,

For Her Aching Heart:

Sonically…sweet relief, with the score by Veronica Barron flawlessly played by a four-person orchestra under the direction of Mary Bichner.

Their instrumentals and occasional choral music supply witty, jazzy, lyrical punctuation to the action.

-Lin Haire-Sargeant, ArtsFuse

For Her Aching Heart:

“…very touching and clever musical numbers…”

-Mike Hoban, Events Insider

For Vinegar Tom:

“…the singer, Veronica Barron, is magnificent.”

-Jared Bowen, WGBH Boston

For Vinegar Tom:

“The production’s jazzy and sometimes snappy songs, composed by Molly Allis, Juliet Olivier, and Veronica Barron (Barron and Tony Leva perform them with members of the cast), don’t complicate the play’s message but mischievously underline it. “

-Bill Marx, ArtsFuse

For Vinegar Tom:

“And then there are the curious songs – delivered here by a coolly stylish chanteuse – with which Churchill comments on and critiques her action…

“…delivered with diverting élan by a poised (and pitch-perfect) Barron.”

-Thomas Garvey, The Hub Review

For Vinegar Tom:

“The play underscores the absurdity of such witch-hunts by incorporating jazzy musical interludes that comment on the play’s action.

Veronica Barron and Tony Leva…perform the songs…in the manner of jazz club performers, which seems all the better given that jazz, at its origins, was regarded as suspect: Sexy and subversive, ‘the Devil’s music.’

-Killian Melloy, Edge Boston

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